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Panayiotis Philimis
Name Panayiotis Philimis
Organisation  Cyprus Research and Innovation Center Ltd
Job title Managing Director

Sector expertise:


  • Founder and Managing Director at CyRIC, Cyprus Research and Innovation Center Ltd
  • President and Co-Founder of the Cyprus Association of Research & Innovation Enterprises (CARIE)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Research Promotion Foundation (RPF)
  • Member of the Innovation Committee of Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI)
  • Member of the Committee of Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB)
  • Co-Founder and member of the BoD of AKMON, Non-Profit Center
  • Scientific Expert for the European Commission (EC)
  • Member of the University of Nicosia Business School Advisory Board
  • Coordinator and Technical Manager of FP7 and HORIZON projects
  • Technical Expert and Member in National Technical Standardisation Committees
  • Member of Standardisation committee of European Robotics Association
  • Founder of the Cyprus Youth Business Entrepreneurship Platform (YuBiz) co- funded by UNDP
  • Mentor and judge in various Startup Initiatives and Competitions 

Dr. Panayiotis Philimis received his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), UK, in 1994 and his PhD in CAD/CAM and Manufacturing Processes from UMIST, in 1998. During the period 1997-2000 he worked as a Post-doc and leader of a Research Group at Applied Mechanics Division of UMIST focusing on the design and development of novel patented plastic manufacturing technologies collaborating with large Industrial partners for commercialisation.

Dr. Philimis returned in Cyprus in 2000 and co-founded CNE Technology Center Ltd with a vision to establish a leading center for providing accredited laboratory services, and professional support to the local industry. In 2002 he formed the sales division for measuring equipment where he managed to acquire exclusive distributorship for leading international brands. He exceeded sales of more than 10 million euro including EuropeAid competitive tenders for Middle East countries. In 2005 he formed the Applied Research Division that demonstrated unmatched success in just 6 years with participation in more than 30 research projects funded by National and EU programmes of budget exceeding 20 million Euro. In these projects CNE was the RTD performer to design and develop novel products for the local and EU industry. Dr Philimis coordinated several projects including both National and European, most of them were marked as success stories. By 2011 the company expanded its premises to 2000sqm, and personnel reaching 30 employees, with more than 1000 customers in Cyprus and abroad. In 2013 he left CNE Technology Ltd and founded CyRIC.

Dr Philimis is currently the Managing Director of CyRIC, Cyprus Research and Innovation Center Ltd a technology company that designs and develops disruptive products for the world markets. Within its first 2 years of operation he managed to bring the company’s R&D division first in the country with the highest success rates, by winning seven European projects totalling 22 million euro budget.

CyRIC is the only private company in Europe that was ranked 1st in European Research Ranking for 2014 in Cyprus and is a unique achievement since in all EU countries the leader is always a public body either a University or Research Institution. In leadership was ranked no. 49 in the whole Europe. These were achieved in less than 2 years form the start of CyRIC operations. CyRIC was awarded recently by the European Business Awards the UKTI Innovation Award for 2015/16.

He currently coordinates four European projects of 15+ million Euro budget and participates in several industry projects. Dr Philimis significantly influenced the company’s investment in world class R&D infrastructure and the development of a strong team of dedicated high caliber Cypriot scientists and engineers. During the last year his decision for investment in outreach activities and expanding the R&D services in Europe resulted to immediate exceptional results since the company achieved its way out of the financial crisis, increasing three times its headcount and client network. Panayiotis is also investing in Cypriot startups and youth entrepreneurs as well as non-profit activities giving the example of how social responsibility can help build sustainable and impressive businesses. Such an example is the co-funding of the first Cypriot Youth Business platform (YuBiz) aiming to help young people to find the answers they need towards establishing a business and realizing their idea.

Dr Philimis research interests span on a wide range of engineering and Scientific applications which include energy, robotics, health and smart applications for web/mob. In this domain, he is the author of a European patent and the author/co-author of more than twenty scientific publications including peered reviewed journal papers and international conference papers in his domain of expertise.

Dr Philimis is actively promoting research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Cyprus through various initiatives. He is a co-founder and currently the President of the Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Companies (CARIE), member of the Innovation Committee of Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) & Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB), and regularly collaborates with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) and OEB in actions dedicated to the promotion of research and industrial innovation in Cyprus.

Dr Philimis has been appointed by the Council of Ministers as Member of the Board of Directors of Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) responsible for the promotion and funding of Research and Innovation in Cyprus.


72, 28th Octovriou Street,
Office 301, Engomi,

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